You’ve seen them all over the place… On Facebook. On Instagram. On your best friend’s wedding website. Oh, and don’t forget that Save the Date pinned up on your fridge! It seems like nearly every engaged couple takes engagement photos. But if you’re not sure if you want to take engagement photos, you’re in the right place.

For those of us who don’t love being in front of the camera, engagement pictures may seem like a daunting task. However, there are some solid reasons why you should strongly consider taking engagement photos with your partner before the wedding. Stick with me here…

Five Reasons Why You Should Take Engagement Photos

1. Taking Engagement Photos Helps You (and Your Partner) Get Comfortable In Front of a Camera

If you aren’t accustomed to being in front of the camera, an engagement photo session is the perfect opportunity to get some practice in before the big day. As a former cheerleader and professional dancer, I was fairly comfortable being in front of a camera. But my husband? Not so much. Doing an engagement session allowed us to get comfortable while being photographed together in a low-pressure environment. And, isn’t it better to get comfortable in front of a camera now? Before the actual wedding day?

2. Taking Engagement Photos Gives You a Chance to Get to Know Your Photographer

Every photographer directs a shoot differently. Do you really want your first time working with your photographer to be on “the biggest day of your life”?! Getting to know your photographer’s directional style before you walk down the aisle is never a bad idea. And honestly… your photographer is around you the most of any one else on your wedding day. (Yes… including your partner, assuming the two of you are getting dressed in different locations!). An engagement photo session is a great opportunity to get to know them a bit better in a relaxed environment.

3. An Engagement Session Gives Your Photographer a Chance to Get to Know You

Not only is every photographer different, so is every couple. Your wedding day photos will benefit greatly by allowing your photographer time to get to know how the two of you move and respond to direction. It could be that the perfect photo comes right after you say “cheese.” Or that you look the most comfortable and take the best photos when you’re in action instead of posed. Having the extra time with your photographer before the wedding will help them better capture photos throughout your ceremony and reception because they will have a better understanding of your mannerisms and how you two interact with each other.

4. Engagement Photos are a Great Opportunity to Get Professional, Non-Wedding Photos of You as a Couple

You will, no doubt, want to share your wedding photos with anyone who shows even the slightest interest. But believe it or not, you will also want some great pictures of the two of you that aren’t just in your white dress or tux. Your engagement photos are an opportunity to really capture who you are as a couple, your personality and what makes the two of you unique. These are photos you will treasure long past the big day. And trust me… if your groom (or bride) isn’t into photos for an engagement session, when will you possibly get them to do another photo session with you? It might be now or never!

5. Engagement Photos Can Be Used Throughout the Wedding

There are so many ways a great professional photo of the two of you can be used. Thinking of sending a Save the Date before the wedding? A professional photo of the two of you will certainly jazz those up. A photo book made with engagement photos can make a great guest book. And what about putting a few framed photos of the two of you near the guest book or by the bar? An engagement session with a professional photographer is the best way to get great pics that can be used throughout the wedding.

So… what do you think? Are you on board with taking engagement photos before the wedding?

Happy planning,



P.S. The super cute engagement photo in my blog graphic was taken by my wedding photographer vendor friend Elisabeth Carol Photography.